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Wealth Protection & Trusts


Over many years we have built up a reservoir of savings or property and investments that we use to protect us. Our wealth includes our home, investments and our pensions and for our loved ones protection we should consider putting them in trusts.

However, as we get older, we have less time and often fewer opportunities to increase that precious pot of money. At the same time, there are more threats to it. When we hand our wealth to the next generation, that is money we earned by our own hard work, we assume they will get it. Unfortunately there are many claims on that money especially when it comes to inheritance. Your pot of money can be lost from the family via divorce (42% of marriages end in divorce). If a new business fails (and 90% do) then the creditors will look for money to make up the loss. If someone needs medical care, that can cause a huge drain on that pot of wealth.

If your family has wealth of more than ¬£100,000, you are in the top 7%. Think about your house, pensions, investments and savings.If you think you are not wealthy enough, you may be surprised to find yourself ‘wealthy’.

Most wealthy people know how to protect it. They understand the risks that come with having money. They use wealth protection solutions to ensure that the family money stays just that, family money. Now, if you are in that situation, you should too.

Families like yours are protecting their family wealth through professionally drawn up wills, powers of attorney and trusts.

We can take you through the options and consider the solutions you can use for protecting your family wealth.

If you have a standard will, either by doing it yourself, or instructing a solicitor to simply write up your wishes in a will, you have probably not done enough to protect your inheritance from the risks detailed above.

Powerful, Flexible Wealth Protection

By creating a trust structure, you can protect the wealth that you have whilst retaining control. Trusts may be made during your lifetime, or created on your death. They are very flexible, legal instruments that are inexpensive yet provide powerful protection and many benefits. You can set them up to do what you want. Ensure that the right people benefit from your money, the people you choose. Protect it from outside influence and create a safe solution for the long term.

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